Forecasting & Reporting

Total control over Work order Process And Billing Process 

Track the entire contract life cycle from award to handover

Complete integration starts with contract scope definition to change management and progress measures. Recording of Applications and Certificates for payment, ensure complete transparency and visibility of contract revenues

Supports varied Contract Types

We supports most industry standard contracting models and structures such as Re-measure, Milestone Based, Stage Payment, Staged BoQ, Cost Plus and Hybrid contracts

Scope & Variation Control

Proactively manage contract scope and variations throughout the project lifecycle. Record, price, budget and invoice for variations effortlessly. We provides complete traceability while minimizing human error

Applications & Certificates

Comprehensive support for generating applications and certificates based on progress. Automated tracking and computation of retentions, deductions, material advances etc. increases surveyor’s efficiency


Incisive reporting delivers live views of the Order Book on various parameters – line of business, region, client, etc. It also highlights what has been claimed and remaining to be claimed



Suvarna Consultancy supports setting up and controlling 

  • BoQ Driven Remeasure or 

  • Lump sum or 

  • a combination of the two Staged BoQ or Scope Cost Plus 




Proactively manage scope and variations throughout the project lifecycle. Effectively control the status of variations from the point of them being known to being accepted by the client as confirmed Variation Orders and ensuring that they get billed.



Comprehensive support for generating Applications and Certificates for Payment based on project progress. Complete integration with project tracking capabilities ensures that items do not get missed.




Make the most of the extensive reporting capabilities of Suvarna Consultancy to scrutinize every aspect of the contract execution.