Learn Construction Cost

1. Bigger room Sized Flat Cost Dynamics.

2. Smaller room Sized Flat Cost Dynamics.

3. RCC Structure Cost Dynamics

4. Use of RMC plant on Site, GGBS, Flyash Cost Dynamics

5. Which Road option is best by Cost and Tenure.

6. What if i have more openings in my Project Cost Dynamics of Windows and door's

7. Aluform or Conventional RCC work which work is cost Effective in which Scenario's.

8. Water less Construction.

9. Parking level Column in Texture, beam and ceiling in a Gypsum - Cost dynamics

10. Water tank Cost Dynamics - Rcc, Precast and Ferrocrete which option is best?

11. Swimming Pool Cost Dynamics.

12. STP Cost Dynamics

13. Door's Cost Dynamics

14. Glass facade Cost Dynamics

15. Ideal ratios of Material Consumption & its Cost Dynamics 7 Floor / 9 Floor / 12 Floor / 14 Floor / 18 Floor / 22 Floor

16. What if i put Columns on 20'.0" grid's instead of 10'0" grid.

17. Retaining Wall's Cost Dynamics

18. Landscape work's Cost Dynamics

19. Excavation Work back filling cost dynamics

20. Building Height and its Cost Dynamics.

21. Plumbing Work's Cost dynamics/ PVC/ CPVC/ PEX/ SOUNDLESS etc.

22. Compound Wall's cost Dynamics.

23. Gypsum Work Cost Dynamics.

24. Thumb Rule of item and materials.

25. Water Proofing Work Cost Dynamics.

26. Contractor's Dynamics like Work with material / only Dry material / Labor / Joint Venture Partner's.

27. Fire Cost Dynamics.

28. Government Challan Cost Dynamics.

29. River Sand / Mechanised Sand / Crush Sand / Ready mix mortar Cost Dynamics.

30. Construction Cost Calculator to understand Cost Dynamics.

31. Construction Chemical Cost Dynamics.

32. Access To Cost Dynamics Premium Group.

33. Monthly Live Webinar.

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