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How can I create an effective control on a construction project?

How  Construction Project Control is Done Effectively?

In today’s highly technological and constantly advancing world, Real estate, architecture, technological advancements and development of a construction company depend on well-planned construction facilities. Where such fields face demands and challenges with regard to business management, transactions can be made simpler with the use of ERP in construction industry.

Effective development of construction projects rely a great deal on strategic cost management and planning. Research proves that 30% of the unsuccessful projects have solely ended in disaster due to inadequacy in the strategic cost management and planning.

when we looking for the ultimate control on project in which many team members are involved communication on cost plan is become backbone of control plan.
we found many comapanys struglling for the control just becouse they don’t have centralised control plan and work culture around the cost control plan .
control plan is systematic aprroch and set of instruction how this contruction process is .

Project control plan is well defined strategy to execution strategy that describe specific process,procedure,system & tool use by project control team throughout the project life cycle.Project control plan is considered project communication tool for the isnsituting the project control process.

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