Difference Between Project Control And Project Management

What Is the Difference Between Project Controls & Project Management?

Difference Between Project Controls And Project Management

  • Is project Control the same As project Management? 
  • Is Project Control About Controlling The Quality Of The Project?
  • Does Project Controls control and manage the project Team Members? 

    The answer is NO, project control is not about and not the same as project management and it’s not about controlling the quality and managing the people involved in the Project. So you may be wondering so if project control is not that then what project control is about, what does project control Controls in a project. To answer  your question, project control controls two primary factors in project 
  • Cost 
  • Schedule 

So basically a project controller with answers 2 key questions in a project 

  • How much the project is going to cost and whether or not you have gone finish on a budget or not and how long a project is going to take and are we going to finish on time or not if not what we can do about it. That’s basically is project controller does manager cost and schedule in a project.

The Common Misconception about project control because there is a control world in front of project control. People might think that project control is only about Controlling and managing a project basically involved in the monitoring and controlling stage of the project but the reality is to have a successful project control implementation on a project. The project control team need to be involved in the project from the initiation stage to all the way to close out stage.
You Might be wondering why project control needs to be involved early on the project in the initiation stage for Example. When you Put together Proposal at the initial stage of a project don’t you need to come off with an Estimated overall budget on how much this project will cost and what is the high-level delivery schedule for your project and who is the in charge of the cost and schedule of the project 

Yes, a project controller.  So the project controller needs to involve early on the project from the initiation stage when you put together a proposal and as you start the project in a planning stage the project controller helps you to the planning of cost and schedule portion of the project and as the project goes through its life cycle.

You may be thinking then What’s the difference between a Project Controller and project manager it goes by its definition of the role of project controller that really defines 2 primary Factors in a project is  Cost and Schedule. And did you know that one of the big Role is managing the constrain in a project to achieve the end result and the end objective of the project and did you know what are those primary constraints are in a project? The project’s primary are 

  • Scope 
  • Cost 
  • Time 
  • Quality

So this is one of the Challenges of a project manager to create a balance between those Constrains in a project and guess who is there to help a project manager to manage the project Cost and time element of the project yes a project controller and if you not yet Convinced About the Difference between the project manager and project Controller. The role of a project manager is like a Captain of a ship leading the whole ship towards the final destination that is determined as the project owner. And the project Controller will act as a navigator officer in a ship the Project controller Keeps an eye on the Cost and schedule Process of a project. 

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