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Essential Project Controls Tools to Master For Managers and Contractors

This blog, I will introduce Several Free project management tools that you Need to Master.

You Know There Are plenty of that are Available today for project controllers to help them better Managing projects. Here is just a small list of current Project Management tools and software are available in the market.

As technology Evolves More and more construction management software tools become available for use and this can become overwhelming for us to what tool to choose from to Control Projects. Sometimes Finding an selecting a right tool is a project of its own and need to dedicate a team of project experts to do the commercial and technical evaluation perform better testing organizational project needs and much more that’s why you see different organization use Different project control tools some even have their own in-house Project Control tools Like We Suvarna Consultancy have Our own Customized ERP and rest others uses the tools available in the market.

Now the question is which tool you need to Master and learn in Project Control ? which tools are essential for your Project control Career Success?
Essential construction management software for builders and contractors are according To your Role, which is as Follows

  • Planning Scheduling Tools 
  • Cost Controller tools 
  • Cost Schedule Risk Analysis Tool
  • Cost Estimation Tool 

So According to Your role, we need to Master some tools so Essential tools are

  • Scheduling Tool 
    • Oracle Primavera 
    • MS Project 

Primavera Has better capability as compared to MS Project But Some Smaller Organisation runs MS projects as their Primary Scheduling Tool. So Make Sure that you must take the training you must need to master Your Skills make sure You are familiar with all the Functions and what the Software tool can do. 

Another tool that is Essential for Planner is Microsoft Office Program especially Excel you need to have higher competency in Excel. It Allows You to import data, export data, and many Important Features.

Now let’s Move On to Cost Control Tools one of the primary tools that you need to Master as a cost Controller is Microsoft Office Excel As a Cost Controller the large Amount of cost you need to analyze and have to develop graphical and analytical report Excel Is a great tool that helps you not only Generate Cost Information and cost  Report but it analyse the Cost Information Some companies don’t have any Cost Control Software so the only tool that is available to You is Excel 

In Those Companies So you need to be able to use this tool to its maximum Potential Possible, You Need to be Competent in Excel know-how formulas Work How to populate Graphic, how to run pivot table and pivot charts and much much more. So you Should be Comfortable working with Excel as Cost Controller. Having said that Excel has Short Comings Too because processing a Large Numbers of data is not efficient. So you can use MS Access it will help you to Store information for Reference, Reporting and also analysis so Ms. Access allows you to analyze Large Amounts of information and manage information related data More Efficiently than EXCEL  and other Tools. So you can also create a simple Cost Management System Using MS ACCESS. CCIS ERP: CCIS will provide the organization with a single version of the truth Visibility, documented processes for Governance, Inclusivity so no one is left out, better Predictability of future project results, proactive Issue Management, comprehensive Change Management and a proven method for Knowledge Management.

  • CCIS ERP  Enables Construction Project helps to run their Execution Process IInventory Management, Cost Control Process, Cost Forecasting accounting, Payments in Any Integrated environment and the integration Ensure that the information Flows From One CCIS Database  Component To Other without Need to enter the Data twice. 

Another Set Of Tool to Master your Performance is  Cost Schedule Risk Analysis Are again MS Office to master your Skills including Word, Powerpoint and especially Excel Regardless of your volume project Controls. As a project Controllers You are generating lots of Reports presentation and Communication so Competency is Must In MS Office.

I think This Article on “Free Project management tools to Master For Managers and Contractors” Will Help You In your Future Projects if Yes Please Let us know in the comment section.

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