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Suvarna Consultancy Profile

Suvarna Consultancy is a world class Cost Management Consultancy, catering to the needs of construction domain. These days, there are many factors which affect the construction projects adversely. In order to face these challenges and have successful as well as efficient execution of the construction projects, the Suvarna consultancy offers its services.

The Company, Suvarna Consultancy was found in the year 2011, by the young entrepreneur Mr. Ashok Tundare. He is a quantity surveyor with more than 15 years of practical experience in the Construction Sector. During his working years, he has guided many construction companies in their projects based on the key concepts of Civil Engineering. He has a practical experience of different stages of the construction projects and intricacies of these stages. Based on his in-depth expertise and professional knowledge, the company Suvarna Consultancy is now rendering quality Construction Project Management related services to its different clients.

The Company has its Tag Line as “Deliver Your Projects under Budget and On Time”

Construction Sector

For any developing nation, there is a great importance of growing infrastructure. The infrastructure development leads to the development of society and promotes better living among the people. In India as well, the construction sector is at boom, however there are many factors by which the sector suffer with adversities. In order to have adequate infrastructure an efficient project management is required. The project management acts as a solid foundation on which the further construction project is executed. Hence there is a great importance and need of the project management consultancies which offer quality guidance and services. This is where the Suvarna Consultancy is playing a pivotal role in helping small and big companies to execute their projects efficiently and productively.

Services Offered by Suvarna Consultancy

Suvarna Consultancy is a Pune based company providing its services in the domain of Construction Cost Estimation and Construction Cost Control. Great savings on your construction project can be availed by utilizing the quality services of Suvarna consultancy. In the recent years, we have seen that the Construction Projects end up in spending much more than the initial estimation. This is due to the fact that a proper estimation of the project is not done. Also the measures to achieve an effective cost control were not followed. It is here that the Suvarna Consultancy helps the construction companies.

1) Firstly and accurate cost estimation is done by the use of our services. This is done at the planning phase of the Project and is very important in deciding the budget of the project.

2) After the correct estimation is done, the company provides the project managers, the complete guidance to have an effective cost control of the project. This will help the project managers in cutting down the costs in different areas and to save a lot of money.

3) Automation of the complete processes of the Construction project can be undertaken with the help of the ERP provided by the company. The company has an in-house ERP named CCIS or Construction Cost information system. This ERP helps in automating different tasks related to the Construction Cost and to achieve the desired outcomes.

4) Along with the above services, the company provides training related to the different aspects allied to construction cost and its control. Different digital courses have been released by the company to train the staff of different companies. By taking these training modules, the staff of the companies can equip themselves with the knowledge to have adequate planning and control of the different phases of the construction projects.

Suvarna Consultancy offers all the important services related to the Project management in the Construction field. Some of the specific services offered are as follows:

1) Cost Estimation Services

2) Cost Control Services

3) Construction ERP

4) Training

Cost Estimation Services

Suvarna Consultancy is known to provide quality cost estimation services. Before the start of any Construction Project, it is important that an accurate cost estimation of the project is done. This will help the owners in setting up an estimated budget for the project. Hence Cost estimation services rendered by consultancies like Suvarna Consultancy has great importance.

It is evident that many companies hire in house staff for the purpose of cost estimation but still they fail to provide an accurate estimate. This is due to the various factors which cause cost overruns in the construction projects. Hence it is imperative for the companies to take the help of experts in the field of cost estimation. This is where the Suvarna Consultancy play a pivotal role in the project’s success by accurately estimating the project’s Cost. The company has professionals having proven expertise in value engineering. The Company has taken different projects and has successfully estimated the budget for many Construction Projects.

Cost Control Services

Along with the correct Cost Estimation, Suvarna Consultancy is also known to control the Cost of the Construction Projects. Based on the historic data and the projects undertaken by the company, Suvarna Consultancy has saved at-least 5 % of the Construction Costs in different projects.

Cost control refers to the ways of collecting the cost record of the project and monitors the work progress to minimize cost in the construction project. This process also involves the comparison of the work progress with the planning. In case any discrepancies or overruns are noticed, the project manager aims to take measures to control the same. This controlling process is also a part of cost control. Cost control in the construction management aims in maximizing the profit of construction projects without compromising the quality. The lessons learned from the cost control activities in a project are used in future projects as guidelines.

You can take the help of Suvarna Consultancy, in case you feel your construction project is in need of Cost Control Services. The Company is also providing an ERP known as CCIS or Construction Cost Information System that will help you to keep an eye on the project cost and streamline your way to cost control in your project.

Construction ERP

Suvarna Consultancy has developed an in-house ERP known as CCIS or “Construction Cost Information System” to be used by different construction companies. With the help of the CCIS or Construction Cost Information System, which is a dedicated ERP for Construction Projects, it is easy to have an adequate Cost Control of the Project. The ERP is designed in a way that bird eye view of the project as well as specific and in-depth details of the projects, both are considered at the same time. This capability of the ERP makes it possible for the project managers to have an accurate estimation of the project cost as well as having better control of the Cost of the Construction Project.

Once you take the services of Suvarna Consultancy, we will provide you this ERP and also the training to operate it. There is no need of extra resource to keep the system running, when you use this ERP in Cost Estimation and Cost Control Process.

One of the key capability of this ERP is that it is very different from the Conventional ERP which are existing with different companies. Many companies have conventional ERPs which are unable to do the proper cost estimation. Also it is difficult to control the cost of the project by the use of these ERPs. The reason for this is that only a part of the System is in use in the actual scenario. The ERP designed by the Suvarna Consultancy is designed by keeping this factor in mind. Hence it is suggested to different companies to use the ERP of Suvarna Consultancy, if they are serious about the Cost Overruns and want to cut down the cost of their Construction Projects.


Along with the above mentioned services, the Suvarna Consultancy also provides training to the staff of different companies related to the Civil Engineering and Construction domain. The company has curated many different digital courses, which can prove very useful to the staff and project managers in different companies. These courses provides the professionals with the latest and practical knowledge related to the Construction Sector and Civil Engineering.

Training Modules of the Suvarna Consultancy

Some of the major training modules released by Suvarna Consultancy are as follows:

• Cost Dynamics of Construction Design

• Construction Cost Estimating

• Project Control Dynamics Courses

• Digital Civil Engineer

All the above modules are designed in a way that complete and practical knowledge allied to the construction sector and civil engineering practices can be provided to the professionals. After taking the above courses, the project managers and other staffs will be in a better position to take right decisions as the key insights to the real time situations and their solutions is provided in these courses.

Key Strengths of Suvarna Consultancy

1) Cost Engineering Academy which helps in learning key aspects related to Cost dynamics

2) Application of Total Cost Management for Cost Control and Estimation

3) Project management Consultancy to manage different stages of projects efficiently and effectively.

4) Dispute Resolution services are rendered when disputes arise between the different parties involved in the Construction Project

5) Partnership approach with our customers

6) The team has multidisciplinary experience including the budgeting, estimation, planning and Cost Control

7) The team is headed by an independent Cost Specialist

8) High level of expertise in Cost Estimation and Cost Control

9) ERP services for automation of different activities

10) Training for better understanding of concepts and their practical applications.

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